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How To Create Facebook Account 2018

How To Create Facebook account

This article tell us how to Create New Facebook account in 2018. please follow step-by-step instructions with Explained images 🔽🔽🔽.

Step 1:

create new facebook account
create new facebook account in 2018

Step 2:

  • Enter your first name and last name 
* Last name means surname your father name or your surname, your husband name
  • Enter your Mobile number or Gmail ID 
  • Enter your password 
  • Select your date of birth
  • Mention male or female

Step 3:

Fill in the required fields Click Sign up button

Step 4:

Confirm your email address Dialogue box is opening Next
click Connect to Gmail button

or Create facebook account with mobile number

(You enter the mobile number receive the OTP on Your Mobile Number
Enter your OTP number)
create new facebook account 2018

Step 4

Confirm your Gmail ID click the next button
new facebook account 2018

Step 5

Enter your password then click next button.
create new facebook account

Step 6

Now you receive Account confirmed message click the ok button
create a facebook account with Gmail id
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Step 7

Finally you got a new Facebook account
create new facebook account
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